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How to Get There

Please go towards the center of campus and look for the building with the flags (it's towards the right when coming from the parking lot)

Visitors can park in lots A, B, C and walk over. Those lots are located by turning RIGHT at the main traffic circle, entering the lots to the left, and paying for parking at a yellow kiosk.

What is Here?

KJs Cafe
1st Floor - Front
Vargas Art Gallery
1st Floor - Front
GC 103
1st Floor - Front
Print Center
1st Floor - Middle
Fire Tech Classrooms
1st Floor - Back
Music Rooms
1st Floor - Back
Nursing Labs
2nd Floor - Back
Cisco Lab
3rd Floor - Middle
Middle High School
2nd Floor - Back
Faculty Offices
2nd & 3rd Floor
Fire Tower
Back of Building
Art Classrooms
Back of Building